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Western Mining and Railroad Museum Archives

    Research requests are made directly to the archives department. They will do the research for you (as their time allows) or you may arrange a time to come in and do the research yourself. Please send for a research request form.

    All research must be done when a Museum staff member is available. The archives are only open to legitimate researchers. (Such as: family historians, research paper, educational project, authors, historians, etc.) Access is only allowed after a research request form is filled out and signed. We reserve the right to deny anyone access to our facility.

    Information is available on the following local topics:

    • Underground mine maps of many local coal mines.
    • Surface maps of some of the coal camps and towns.
    • Local mining disasters - victims, rescue operations, newspaper articles etc.
    • Coal camp (now ghost towns) information, histories, newspaper articles.
    • Railroad Information - D&RGW and Utah Railway
    • Newspapers dating from 1891 to 1973. 1893-1901 are missing at the museum. Some Helper Journals are available.
      - The newspapers are available on microfilm at the College of Eastern Utah Library in Price, please use these for research if possible.
      - The University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library has Carbon County newspapers online here. The newspapers online are: The Carbon County News (1908-1915), the Eastern Utah Telegraph/Advocate (1891-1915) and the News Advocate (1915-1932)
    • Collection of oral histories.
    • Individual special collections.
    • Local history books.
    • Outlaws.

    Western Mining & Railroad Museum Research Services

    Basic Research Service Package

    (Includes up to 5 photocopied pages of relevant material,
    1/2 hour of research per package and postage)

    Western Mining and Railroad Museum Member $10.00
    Non Museum Member $15.00
    Commercial For-Profit Researcher $20.00
    Student Project (Grades K - 12) FREE

    Additional Photocopied Pages

    6 - 25 $.25 each
    26 - 50 $.50 each
    51 - 100 $1.00 each
    Additional Postage Fees $2.00 per 25 pages

    Additional Research Fees

    Any additional research over 1/2 hour is done at the following fee schedule.
    Due to very limited staff time, all research requests are limited to a
    MAXIMUM of two (2) hours of research time.

    Western Mining & Railroad Museum Member $15.00 per 1/2 hour
    Non Museum Member $20.00 per 1/2 hour
    Commercial For-Profit Researcher $30.00 per 1/2 hour
    Student Project $5.00 per 1/2 hour

    If you anticipate your research will result in more than five pages of photocopied material, please indicate the maximum amount you wish to spend on the Research Request Form. If your request will require an extensive search (over 2 hours), we will send a list of private researchers with whom you can negotiate for a more detailed search.

    You will receive a report on our findings and a bill for the research fees according to the above fee schedule. These fees MUST be prepaid before any information is sent to you. You may prepay with a credit card (we accept Visa and mastercard), a check or money order.

    Western Mining and Railroad Museum
    Research and Photocopy Policy

    All photocopies of the Western Mining & Railroad Museum archives and collections material will ONLY be produced by the Museum staff and ONLY after an assessment by the Museum staff as to the stability of the article being copied. The Western Mining & Railroad Museum reserves the right to not photocopy any archival material or collections if photocopying will damage the item. ONLY the Museum staff will determine which articles or archival materials are available for photocopying.


    The Western Mining & Railroad Museum maintains several decades of hard copy newspapers from the Carbon County area. These newspapers are historical artifacts and as such are not available for public use. If patrons wish to have a Museum staff member access information contained in these newspapers, they should fill out a Request For Research Form and by doing so will be responsible for all applicable research fees.

    Alternatively, the College of Eastern Utah Library maintains these historic newspapers on microfilm. If patrons wish to look through the papers on their own, they may do so at the CEU Library in Price.

    The J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah has digitized numerous issues of historic newspapers throughout the State of Utah. These can be accessed online here.

    ONLY Western Mining & Railroad Museum staff members are allowed
    to handle any hard copy newspapers in order to preserve their historic value.


    Photocopies of photographs can be provided to patrons for research purposes only. Each photocopy includes all the information about the photograph on the back of the copy. These photocopies may not be published or reproduced in any public or private medium through any print or electronic media.

    These photocopies can also be used to determine whether or not out-of-area researchers wish to purchase reproductions of these photographs.

    Photograph Photocopies $.25 each

    This fee is not included in any research package and is an additional charge.

    Access to Collections

    No patron is allowed access to the secured storage areas of the museum. Patrons wishing to view specific items or collections should ask a Museum staff member for assitance. No artifact, archive or photograph will be removed from display to be viewed by a researcher. All requests for access to specific collections or artifacts will be granted on a case by case basis.

    The materials stored in the collections of the Western Mining & Railroad Museum are not available on loan. This includes, photographs, archives, artifacts and library collections.

    Photocopies and Computer Printouts

    Standard Photocopy and Print Fees (8 1/2 x 11 paper only)

    1 - 49 copies $.20 per page
    50 - 100 copies $.50 per page
    101 - 200 copies $1.00 per page

    All pre assembled information packets are available to patrons at the per page copy rate.

    You can e-mail the museum archivist if you have any questions about doing research or receiving help finding information.

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