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Western Mining and Railroad Museum
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Mining Camp Life

Photographs from the Company Store.

Store Company Store

School Room
School classroom

Electric Permanent Wave Machine first used in the 1920's by the early hair dressers. Used by Elsie Charlesworth Howard in her beauty shop from 1930's to mid 1940's. Donated by Elsie Charlesworth Howard Permenant machine
Baseball uniforms Baseball played a very important part to the residents of Carbon County coal camps. The museum has photographs of the ball teams, uniforms, equipment, trophies and memorability on display.

Lawn Mower - This lawn mower was used to cut the grass at the Helper Ball Park in 1929 by grounds keeper Sam "Shorty" Rachiele. A seat was added later making it a riding mower. This machine cut the length of time spent mowing by hours.
Donated by Helper City
Lawn Mower

Veterans World War II Veteran Photograph display - The museum has a room full of photographs of the men who served in World War II from Carbon County.