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Western Mining and Railroad Museum
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Typical Mining Camp Kitchen

Cook Stove
Stove used for cooking and
warming the home.

Kitchen Accessories - including a bread box, crock for sauerkraut, ice cream freezer, stove top with oven, a coffee pot, a coffee grinder, copper mixing bowl and clothes boiler.
Kitchen Accessories

Swinging Wringer Washer
Swinging Wringer Washer
Quite the Latest
First Advertised in 1923
Easy Installment Plans
$60.00 to $72.50

Convenient, long lived, extra wide rolls, noiseless in operation, 1/4 H.P. motor, steel cut gears, special feed table. "Voss" Swinging Wringer Washer was purchased at the Castle Rock Merc. in Helper in 1923 for Caroline Robol. Donated to the museum by Rudy Rebol.

Washing Machine
Copper tub electric washing machine with swinging wringer. Purchased at Castle Rock Merc. in Helper in 1923 for Caroline Rebol. Donated to museum by Rudy Rebol.
Wash day

Clothing & Assessories

Dresses & accessories
Dress and Accessories showing the styles in the early days of Carbon County.