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coal car
Coal Car
- circa 1890 to 1930 Sometimes called a "pit car" these two ton wooden cars were used to haul the coal from inside the mine to the surface. Power was provided by men, horses, mules, steam hoists and later electric locomotives. This car was last used at Lion Coal Company's Wattis number one mine. Donated by Andelex Resources, Inc.

Electric locomotive motor used to pull coal cars.

The First Continuous Miner
First Continuous Miner -
This prototype continuous miner was designed and built by Mr. Harold Silver, a Utah inventor around 1946. At a demonstration in a mine in Colorado, Joe Joy, the founder of Joy Manufactoring Co., purchased the patent rights and the continuous miner was born. The continuous miner revolutionized the coal industry.

Utah Railway Caboose
Utah Railway Caboose

Tamping Machine
Tamping Machine - This manual tamping machine has not been used since 1978. The tamping machine would pack cinders or other ballast under the track and snug each tie into place. This machine was retired when it seemed that workers shovels did a better job. Donate by Utah Railway Company.

Delivery Sled -
circa 1918 to 1950
Barnmaster Clarence Isaac "Ike" Reid used this horse drawn sled to deliver coal in winter to Latuda homes, in the summer they replaced the sleds with wheels and hauled garbage and in November they delived the Thanksgiving turkey. Sled donated by Keith Reid Family.
Delivery sled