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UMWA - United Mine Workers of America

This display shows the organization of the coal miner's union, The United Mine Workers of America, over a hundred year period. The history of the organization tells a violent and demeaning story as the coal operators demonstrated such
intense opposition to the miners organizing to better their working conditions and wages. The union had a profound effect on improving the lives of all miners in the United States. UMWA


Quilt: The quilt was made to commemorate one hundred years of the United Mine Workers of America 1890 - 1990.

This quilt was made by the Women's Auxiliary, Local 1972 of Decker, Wyoming and raffled off at the 1990 International Mine Workers Conference, September 17, 1990. It was won by District 22, Price, Utah.
Donated to the Museum by the UMWA District 22, Local 8622.